Elle and The Gemstone Project would love to create a spectacular custom jewelry piece designed especially for you.

The Design Process:

Every item starts with dialogue between the client and Elle. She will answer questions, ask questions, try to get an understanding of style, taste and expectations. Project design is a constant ebb and flow of ideas between client and designer. Typically the process involves the following steps:

  • Rough sketch directly from Elle’s hand
  • Refined sketch, or rendering from Elle
  • The design is put together with CAD imaging
  • A wax mold of the item is produced
  • The metal of the piece is cast
  • Fabricating, soldering, setting, polishing, engraving and finishing

Our team of artisans utilize a variety of methods to fabricate your new favorite jewelry item. Every piece is put together with the utmost care, with a variety of different setting methods, finishes and detail adding perfect flourishes to the final product.

We are happy to create pieces from your own colored stones and diamonds.

Please contact us with custom inquiries.


Gemstone Personal Shopping:

Elle has cultivated relationships over many years with esteemed gemstone suppliers, cutters, diamond dealers and other gemstone professionals. Elle has a deep passion for color and thoroughly enjoys “the hunt” for exactly what you are seeking, even the most obscure and difficult to find gems. She finds that there is something incredibly and deeply satisfying about procuring the perfect gemstone, especially one that is rare and difficult to find.

Each gemstone item and search is different, contact us for details on pricing.

We look forward to working with you!