Gem Blast: A Variety

So, I’ve been super busy. I currently have two ring setting prototypes heading towards production, and a necklace prototype I’m looking towards production on (trying to get the ring setting collection out first!), and about a dozen and a half other designs in my head/in the sketchbook that want to be made sooner rather than later.

Plus I’m attempting to try to come up with some stock product ideas for a jeweler I work with, several other custom projects for various clients, and that’s not touching on my interstate move.

I don’t really have a ton of time for a lot of blogging right now, but I’ve still been taking a lot of gem and jewelry photos. I figured I could post some of my recent favorites as a blog entry.

A vintage blue sapphire and diamond ring.


A couple of citrines against a blue rhinestone background.


Some spessartite garnet earrings. I keep considering repurposing these, but I haven’t quite decided yet.


An ideal cut diamond showing off a little bit of arrow action.


Some rose and yellow gold rings in my personal collection. I need to flesh this collection out some more!


Playing with light and a green garnet.


This Star 80 cut in a lavender spinel never fails to be interesting.


A Jeff White asscher spinel. A bevy of step cuts.


A trio of colorful haloed rings.


Some spinel rough. Not really facetable, but I like to keep it around because the colors are nice and I love the natural texture. It’s fun to play with.


A couple of spinels. The top is from Mahenge Tanzania, and the bottom is from Burma. The top is more reddish pink, the bottom is more pinkish red. Both have the neon glow that is considered ideal in the industry.


And last, but certainly not least, though uploading lost a lot of it’s beauty, the cut of this unheated aquamarine reminded me of the way water ripples.


Many of these will be available back in my etsy shop as soon as I’m back up and running.

You can likely look forward to another photo-heavy post next week, as I will be completely entrenched in my move (probably driving somewhere in Northern California) when the next blog posts, as I do typically try to plan most blog posts in advance.

Also, I’m hoping to post on August 9th – it’ll be my blog’s first birthday! Kind of amazing to me that I’ve kept it up for almost a year already.

Sentimental Mismatched Spinel Earrings

Once upon a time, I found a list of jewelry/gemstone gifts that were to be given at anniversaries. Well, my husband being as awesome as he is, decided to follow that list, and as a result, I found myself looking at a gold present for my first anniversary.  So I found some antique cushion cut diamonds that were not particularly well matched at all, but roughly 4x5mm, and had some custom stud earring settings built around them.

diamond earrings3 (2)


Years later I decided to reuse the diamonds and add them to a ring, leaving the settings open for new stones. So I went to my favorite gemstone store with my favorite jewelry maker, Erin at and picked out a pair of 4x5mm oval spinels to go in the settings.  But they don’t match.



When I was about 13, my best friend and I went and picked out earrings, and the ones that we liked the most ended up being mismatched singles, but we were cool and according to fashion at the time, mismatched was cool. So we bought some mismatched earrings. Mine were studs, a small blue-gray glass ball and a round ceramic stud with a tiny ocean wave painted on it.





So my mismatched spinels are reminiscent of that childhood experience, since the original mismatched earrings are long gone. One stone is a more silvery blue, while the other is a grapey-purple. These pictures were taken at night using a macro lens, so the lighting leaves something to be desired, but you get a pretty good idea of what they look like.



Anyway, I hope that my daughter enjoys them, as I wanted to make sure that the gold settings were kept in their original form, since they were such a sentimental gift at the beginning of our marriage.

In other news, I just returned from a trip to San Francisco, and managed to fit a trip to and I took lots and lots of pictures. I haven’t even managed to go through them yet, so you can look for an upcoming feature on my experiences there and some of the pieces I got to look at.