The Gemstone Project began as a blog about gemstones and jewelry in August 2014. Since then the concept has blossomed and through this journey, Elle has taken her love of color and passion for gemstones to create her own line of jewelry.

In August 2015, just over one year after starting the blog, the first design from the Elle Collection was released to the public, to warm reception. 

“At the center of everything is color.” – Elle

headshot2Jewelry designer, Elizabeth “Elle” Kelsey garners inspiration for her pieces through her life long love of the unique. She has been inspired by a childhood among the eclectic culture of the American Southwest, and been touched by the wild shapes and colors seen throughout the landscapes of the Land of Enchantment. As a child, she collected interesting rock specimens and was infatuated with the strong history of turquoise and silver Native American jewelry.

As a young adult, her passion for jewelry was pushed to the forefront when she discovered the beauty of spinels, which started a wild ride into the world of colorful gemstones. From there, history wrote itself.

Having studied culinary arts, pastry, psychology, sociology and art history, Elle aspires to evoke feelings from the wearer with the attention to detail in each piece. Her goal is to encapsulate her love for classic wearable pieces together with unconventional feminine twists with a touch of the antique.

Arresting. Ebullient. Passionate.

Welcome to The Gemstone Project and the Elle Collection.