The Perfect Neutral

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with gemstones, looking for sparkly quartz in my neighbor’s rock driveway and begging my parents for one of those toy rock tumbler things. And as long as I can remember, I’ve leaned towards the cool end of the color spectrum, eschewing orange, yellow and brown for black, blue and green.

When I really discovered the world of gemstones, in 2006, I was obsessed with finding a beautiful gray gem, and was presented with a problem:

Gray is the very epitome of desaturated, and therefore there is no demand for them.

The general public thinks of the blue of sapphires, the red of rubies and the green of emeralds when they think about gemstones.

Gray just doesn’t come up as a desirable gemstone color, and you would never see it at your local jewelry store in a display case, except for maybe in the pearl section.

I didn’t want any of that super saturated material that was the trade ideal. I didn’t want any of the sort of saturated material that was in the mall stores either! But I didn’t want white diamonds or black diamonds either. I wanted sparkly wonderful gray – the perfect neutral.

And thus, The Gemstone Project was born.



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