Gem Blast: Lavender Asscher Spinel


WordPress seems to like to distort pictures in the upload a bit, doesn’t it?

This is a 1.6ct and 6.2mm lavender asscher cut spinel, from the lovely Mr. Peter Torraca of Torraca Gemcutting. The setting was by Coast Diamonds, but it’s no longer set in that ring, and will be moving on to a new home shortly.


Lavender asscher setting


I figured that I would fill a post with a plethora of my favorite pictures of an item, as I have always enjoyed studying items from every angle like back in art class with nudes and inanimate objects. I have a fascination with step cut stones, and this stone happened to jump start it.




I love asschers so much. They just make my heart sing.




Changing the angles of how the light hits the stone, and you can get a variety of looks from one stone.

asscher11 pretty24

pretty27 pretty25


I am sad to see this stone go, but I know that it’s new owner will absolutely cherish it.


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