Gem Blast: Garnets

In honor of my best friend growing up, whose birthday is tomorrow, I’m posting a whole bunch of gemstone pictures of her birthstone: Garnet.

Merelani Mint

halo for sale5

Almost Colorless Grossular Garnet




Imperial Garnet


Imperial Garnet:


Loliondo Spessartite


Loliondo Spessartite


Hah! I just realized that I don’t have any pink or red garnet pictures on this computer. I guess I need to take some more pictures!

But check out the variety of colors. I wish (sort of!) that the general public knew that these stones were as varied and interesting as they are. Of course, I don’t wish that the general public knew about them because then the prices would go up even more.

This is for all you January babies out there!


2 thoughts on “Gem Blast: Garnets

    1. I go back and forth! I love the vibrant, bright greens, pinks and oranges, but there is nothing quite like a pastel mint, or a buttery pale yellow. I got to play with a huge purple-pink cushion in a diamond pendant that absolutely knocked my socks off. I have some pictures on my old computer I should dig up. I have a brown with tinges of peach that I adore too, even though it’s only just over a carat. I think that garnets might be moving into my favorite gem spot!


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