Mahenge Spinel

The stone of the moment seems to be Mahenge spinel. Years ago a deposit of neon pink and red stones was discovered in the Mahenge region of Tanzania, Africa. The color was neon and was arguably better than the best rubies. They say that the color of the first ones was best, and that the saturation level of them has been going down, but I haven’t seen the new material in real life, so I can’t speak to that particular rumor.

Strawberry Soda

I particularly enjoy the hot pink variety, and am not really a red lover, so I don’t have any red spinels from Mahenge.



The larger of the two cushions has more red and not really any other orange modifiers, just pure pink/red, while the smaller of the two has almost a blue-purple modifier.

Hot pink2 (2)


In natural lighting, these stones fluoresce red, making them appear even more saturated than they do indoors. They sort of wooed me away from the cool desaturated blue/green/purple world and into the super saturated market, where the prices are high and competition fierce.

Hot pink (3)

Lately, I’ve been looking into prices on them because I’ve been attempting to find one for a long-time friend of mine who is really a diamond girl, but has been wandering into the realm of colored stones lately. Prices on these have at least doubled, and depending on where you look, have tripled since I bought mine a few years ago, so I feel really fortunate to have purchased these when I did. I don’t know who let the cat out of the bag, but these should have stayed top secret!

Hot pink3

There is nothing quite as bright pink as a pink spinel from this region, and they are even more saturated than some of the nicest pink sapphires out there. I love trying to find them, but since their popularity shot up, I can’t justify the prices myself, but enjoy seeking them out for other people.


2 thoughts on “Mahenge Spinel

  1. I just bought a set of Mehenge Pink Spinel jewelry set in .925 sterling silver that included pendant with 20 in. chain, leverback earrings & ring in a floral design from a well known television gem network. I paid $99.99 for all 5 pieces. I haven’t seen the actual pieces yet & can’t exactly remember the TGW of each piece except to say that I do remember it being over 4.335 cts. I had never heard of Mahenge Red/Pink Spinel before but bought it because it was a gorgeous deep red/pink color. After purchasing it, I then hit the internet for research. This blog of your was very interesting so I thought I could ask you if I was foolish buying without actual seeing except through camara lens which I’m sure enhanced the pieces in size & color. I do have a 30 day money back guarantee which made my decision a little easier Could you please reply to this question at my email address. Thank you if you can. I would love an unbiased opinion. Teresa


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