Design: Breast Cancer Ring

I am certainly not the first person to make a pink ribbon ring, nor will I be the last. But here is a ring that I designed around breast cancer. I originally saw one that was in rose gold and had diamonds, but it was kind of fussy and I wanted something more streamlined. Here are my very simple drawings for it.



And here is the finished product. I originally wanted the ribbon to be smaller, but because of melee size, and the practicality of how the ribbon curves, it was easier to go a little bit bigger. The ribbon is about 7mm from top to bottom. Rose gold and pink sapphires.

breast cancer

DSCN0637 freke

DSCN0638 freke


My mother passed away from breast cancer in 2008, on her and my father’s 32nd wedding anniversary. I wanted a ring to help memorialize her in a visible but subtle way, and keep her close to me. Someday I plan to have a larger ribbon made for a necklace as well.


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