My Photography

I just wanted to write a quick note about my photography, since it’s such an integral part of my blog.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the pictures on my site are my photography and only taken by me.

I tend to use a few tools to photograph the items seen here: iPhone 4s along with an Olloclip, Gorillapod, Canon PowerShot SX100 IS, and a Sony…that I can’t currently find, which tells you how much I use it. 

I don’t have a consistent lighting set up and I don’t use a lightbox, although I should probably look into it. I often use just my hands or objects I find around me to use as backdrops or props. I like to take pictures outside, which makes sense as I’m in sunny California, and I might as well utilize what I’ve got. We have a lot of energy efficient fluorescent lights around, and I like taking pictures in mixed lighting, as well as natural and fluorescent, separately.

I love photography and capturing people and things on film (disk space?) but I certainly don’t take myself very seriously about it. I’m always really excited when I manage to get a picture that I love. I take a lot of photos of gems, and will sometimes post blogs that are primarily pictures of gems or jewelry, with little information to go with them. You can guarantee that I will never post a blog post without a picture to go along with it, as I take too many to not use them!

Please ask permission to use any pictures you find on my page for publication anywhere else, and please credit me in doing so!

Thank you!




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