Gem Blast: Tiny Diamonds

I recently got 6 small marquise cut diamonds from a good friend of mine. I actually have a small marquise left over from another project, but it’s a little bit bigger than these are. Anyway, I just wanted to post a few pictures I took of these little guys. They look huge in the pictures, but in reality, they are tiny, at less than 2x4mm, and the total weight of the smallest 6 of them is less than .50ctw.


You might notice in the picture above that it shows a little bit of a bowtie. Marquise cuts are pretty notorious for doing this. For this particular project, I don’t mind them, but for others, I probably wouldn’t be so lenient.




You might remember a stone that will be involved in this project from a previous post. Look for a post with a design that might include these stones in a few weeks!


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